Chapter 1390 (Teaser)

They were in jeopardy. The tower carefully built by the great power was teetering like it would collapse in the face of the disaster that came without notice. 

Ah... Ahhh...” 

“T-This is unbelievable.” 

The commanders stared at the orcs dying miserably from the rain of battle gear falling from the sky. It was unreal. Was the ridiculous sight of hundreds or thousands of weapons pouring down like rain really done by a human? 

‘Overgeared... God...’ 

The new title for Grid passed through the minds of the commanders. God—it was a very noble title for a human, but it wasn’t awkward when placed before or after the name ‘Grid.’ The rain of battle gear that punished the soldiers was that great. 


The commanders lost their minds until the terrible smell of blood brushed the tip of their noses. Then they simultaneously raised their heads. 

Havis ran to the front, shouting as he blocked the weapons attacking the soldiers, “It is done by Grid! Hurry and find his location first! Don’t shrink back! If we step back, it is easier to become a target! Move...

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