Chapter 1389 (Teaser)

Now there was no one who treated Satisfy as simply entertainment. If there was such a person, they would be a fool lagging behind the times. 

“There is no second chance. I have to take this opportunity to gain great results and live up to expectations.” 

The world’s largest sports industry where one could enjoy enormous wealth and fame. 

The Chinese government had recently made significant investments in Satisfy. First of all, a number of Chinese players changed their species to an orc. Then they secretly approached the orc tribe leaders and used money and power to get close to them. Additionally, the best intellectuals of each field were recruited to design thorough and brilliant plans. 

If Orc Lord Teruchan hadn’t built a kingdom— No, if he had been the slightest bit lax in managing his kingdom, then it wasn’t an exaggeration to say the entire orc race would’ve fallen into the hands of the Chinese government by now. 

Within the fence of the Chinese government, the orc would be protected by their unique breeding power and hundreds of millions of soldiers would be raised. A great China nation would’ve been born in Satisfy. 

However, the Orc Kingdom became a de facto subordinate of the Overgeared Kingdom and management became very thorough. Additionally, the force and charisma...

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