Chapter 1387

[Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave] 

[Five sword dances have been sublimated into a single field. 

It contains the momentum of a new god piercing the sky and descending like a dragon, subduing the heavens and earth. 

Specify a target in the field of view and charge at it. Deals 4,000% physical damage three times (up to five times) to the target and all enemies within the radius of 10 meters (up to 50 meters) around the target. Inflicts an additional 8,000% penetration damage to the target. 

The target that is pierced will enter an ‘unrecoverable’ state. The pierced target and all enemies within range will be ‘disarmed.’ Additionally, there is a high probability that they will suffer from ‘loss of balance,’ ‘collapse,’ ‘bleeding,’ and ‘despair.’ This completely ignores any resistance to status conditions 

The power of this skill will increase when used at higher altitudes. The target’s critical hit resistance is ignored and it will unconditionally be a critical hit. If the target's status is low, there is a very high probability of an instant kill. 

★The effect of Braham’s Fire, Enchant Weapon, Detect Force, and Shield are applied. 

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped. 

Skill Resources Consumed: 900 sword energy. 5,000 mana. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes.]

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave was a one shot, one kill move. If he fell from above 20 meters, the maximum damage would exceed Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Unlike Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, which was based on the combination of Link and Kill, the damage of Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave wasn’t dealt sequentially and there was no fear of it being blocked in the middle. 

Of course, Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle had the effect of ‘weakening enemies in the area when it is used’ but the utility of Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave wasn’t inferior in comparison. It was because the sword dance Dragon at the center of the fusion sword dance was a ‘charge.’ The sword dance that pierced the target when it was activated could be used in various situations. 


A huge shock followed right after his sense of smell was confused. Krucha couldn’t understand what he experienced. He belatedly realized that there was a huge expression before he was crushed and felt a terrible pain. 

Keok... Kukekeok...” 

What happened? Krucha lay on the ground with his neck pierced and tried to grasp the situation, but it was impossible. His eyes that lost their light couldn’t move and his thoughts stopped. He even dropped the weapon in his hand. It wasn't just him who was mesmerized. 

“Did you see it? That is the Undefeated King’s Swordsmanship.” 

“T-Truly great. Now I understand why Leraje praised the Undefeated King.” 

Leraje and Kalbaba were amazed by the momentum of Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave. They murmured to themselves as they glanced between the bloody Krucha and Grid. 

Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave was so excellent that Leraje misunderstood it as the Undefeated King’s Swordsmanship. There were only two ways to deal with it. Move as fast as Mir using Lightning God or negate Grid’s damage with overwhelming stats like Baal. It was just these two methods. 

‘Predicting’ and reacting to it like Mercedes and Kraugel wasn’t a good method. They might be able to predict it, but it was hard to react to. It was just like Kraugel being hit even though he knew Mir would shoot lightning. 

“What are you doing? Are you going to just watch?” 

Grid urged Leraje as the defenseless Krucha was struck with Kill and then Pinnacle. Then the blankly staring Leraje and Kalbaba quickly stepped forward. Like most great demons, Leraje regarded higher ranked demons as competitors rather than colleagues. It was even more so for opponents who could apply for a ‘ranking battle.’ Leraje didn’t want to miss this opportunity to get rid of one of Barbatos’ subordinates. It matched Grid’s aim of eliminating Krucha. 


The impact that occured when Krucha allowed the attack was a shock, but the aftermath was too big. Krucha couldn’t recover and was hit by Grid and Leraje’s pincer attack several times. By the time he barely managed to get up, his body was already a rag. The blazing hellfire around both hands had faded. 

G-Grrrr! You...! Are you really a human?” 

Surprisingly, there weren’t many demons who could feel divinity. Unless they were old or demons who had been targets of divine magic, most demons just felt instinctively disgusted when confronted with divinity. They didn’t understand the concept of divinity and the source of their disgust. It was natural since they were born in hell where divine power was exterminated. They hadn’t encountered it before. Moreover, if the other person had just started to accumulate divinity, then it was hard to recognize it. 


Leraje’s offensive stopped. She was someone who hadn’t noticed divinity even when Hexetia visited hell. Now she was looking at Grid with a questioning gaze like Krucha. 

"What? It seems like you aren’t human?” 

Grid laughed. He was no longer afraid of Barbatos’ sniping. Krucha had lost his sense of smell due to Malacus’ Cloak and his eyes were pulled out by Leraje, so he could no longer function as Barbatos’ ‘vision’. 

“A god.” 


“A death god who will kill you.” 

“...You!” Krucha’s blood-covered face distorted. He appeared in a crazy state as he started swinging his fists randomly. He seemed to have completely lost his sense of reason. However, Grid was alert. He didn’t miss the faint smile on Krucha’s face. 

Just then, a black hand appeared through a gate. Barbatos’ sniping had resumed. Once again, the target was Grid. 

Krucha was a demon. He had served the 9th Great Demon and the 8th Great Demon. Naturally, he was born with a sense of slaughter. In particular, his senses to detect prey were excellent among the demons because he was a beast-type demon. It was easy to locate his prey even if he lost his eyes and sense of smell. This fact— 


There was no way that Grid wouldn’t know it when he had experienced so many life or death battles. Grid was fully wary of Krucha’s senses. He wasn’t careless even after Krucha lost his sense of smell and vision. 


Krucha was stunned. His senses detected that his prey was over there and Barbatos’ sniping was directed there, but the prey’s voice was heard from right next to him. It was the effect of Decoy. It was something that couldn’t be used when Krucha’s vision was still intact. 

“Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle.” 

Blue petals fluttered through the air. A series of stabs and slashes smashed into Krucha. The blood he spilled became tangled in the sword energy to make a red web and Grid repeatedly linked the sword dances several times. 

Ku...ock!” Krucha didn’t fall easily. He was persistent as he aimed to defeat Leraje and become the ruler of the 10th Hell. 

‘Is it not enough?’ 

Grid was a bit anxious. He had already used most of his attack skills and was tired from Krucha’s persistence. However, he wasn’t flustered because he knew that Krucha was at least level 550. This was the subordinate of the 8th Great Demon. It was natural that this opponent would be hard to defeat with Grid’s current specs. 

This was why the quest rewards were huge. The closer to impossible a result was, the higher the value of the rewards. The system must’ve analyzed that Grid was unlikely to complete this quest. Perhaps it analyzed that it was impossible. It couldn’t have predicted that players would get acquainted with and cooperate with a great demon at this point. 

“Tenacious beast.” Leraje’s small fist literally smashed into Krucha’s snout. His long jaw was oddly twisted and dozens of sharp, hard teeth fell out. 

“” Krucha was shocked. He was more shocked than when he was seriously injured by Grid who he thought was just a human. 

Leraje scoffed at him. “Don’t you know that the reason you could compete with me was due to the power you received from Hell Gao?” 


Krucha belatedly realized that Leraje’s skin had become smooth again. The moment that the hellfire around Krucha’s fists weakened, Leraje’s mucus was restored. She could exert her full power.

“I feel pitiful every time I see you think you are strong from your own ability, when it is actually a power gained from someone else. I knew that your expression when you realized the truth would be exactly the same as it is now.” 

She was powerful enough to erase the despairing Krucha from the world. Krucha’s head that was struck by her fist literally disappeared. Krucha’s body struggled several times after losing its head before turning into gray ash. 

The power to yearn for victory and to win. The absolute power that caused her to win until she met the Undefeated King was worthy enough to astonish Grid and Yura. It was just like how Grid’s Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave stunned Leraje and Kalbaba... 

[The quest ‘Barbatos’ Sniping’ has been cleared.] 

[Barbatos’ Vision (5) has been transplanted to you as a reward for clearing the quest.] 

[Barbatos’ Vision (5)] 

[It is Barbatos’ fifth eye. It has a field of view that can extend up to 10 kilometers. 

Skill Resource Consumption: 2,000 mana per second. 

Skill Duration: Up to 30 seconds. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.] 


Grid reacted immediately. He instantly activated Barbatos’ Vision which was added to the skill list and could see the summit of the mountain rising just 10 kilometers away. He met a pair of eyes. It belonged to a gentleman wearing a sleek suit and a fedora. 

“What can you do?” the gentleman mouthed these words as he read the anger in Grid’s gaze. 

“Request to Stand With Me,” Grid responded. He announced that he was a much better sniper. He responded to the provocation with a much larger provocation. 

Battle gear rained down. Thousands of pieces of steel were planted on the dark mountain that didn’t have a single tree. 

Barbatos, the gentleman who was bleeding from the unexpected attack, and the 8th Great Demon, had wide eyes. He realized that his vision had gone to the worst opponent.

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