Chapter 1384 (Teaser)

The magic chandelier in Leraje’s treasure warehouse shone softly. This place was quite large because it accommodated the loot that Leraje earned every time she fought and won. It was just like a large museum. Even so, Grid’s footsteps didn’t stop at all. He glanced at the hundreds of treasures that filled the place and passed by without any regret. His attitude was like seeing stones. 

‘Kalbaba said that these are all rare treasures... he really has poor vision.’ 

It resembles me. 

Indeed, the strong seemed to have a connection. Leraje was chasing after Grid and feeling proud for some reason when she suddenly stiffened. She was reminded of the only time when Grid stopped. The Behen Archipelago Record. That guy stopped walking just once to pick her diary. 

‘Don’t tell me that he is interested in me?’ 

This was the only way she could understand why he coveted her diary over numerous treasures. 

‘Why is he interested in me...? Ohu, it is natural to be interested due to the yearning heart.’ 

Grid just wanted to see the entries about the Undefeated King. However, it was natural to misunderstand from Leraje’s position. It...

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