Chapter 1383 (Teaser)

Madra’s diary that was held by Grid was an incomplete record. It was clearly written by Undefeated King Madra, but it was a diary written after Madra became a death knight. Therefore, the contents were confusing and the delivery power was poor. 

In the first place, a death knight was resurrected as an undead using the bones of a person who already died. Using common sense, it was unreasonable to trust and rely on an undead’s diary when the undead had significantly lower cognition compared to when he was alive. 

‘The end of the diary is completely unrecognizable.’

Madra was reluctantly resurrected as an undead and gradually went crazy after hundreds of years. In the end, he cried out strangely. There was no regularity in the sentences he left on paper or his words in the memories he left behind. Even Great Sage Sticks had failed to translate it. 

However, Sticks didn’t deny that it was writing or a language. He couldn’t interpret it, but it was hard to see it as just crying. It wasn’t strange to hypothesize that it was the language of the dead, just as the elementals had their own language that humans couldn’t...

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