Chapter 1381 (Teaser)

Shake shake! 

She raised both arms at the start of the duel. The impact that followed the collision wasn’t fully absorbed. For a short moment, Leraje was mesmerized. She couldn’t believe the reality when she saw the sword marks on both arms. If she was the only person here, she would’ve stared blankly at her arms for a few minutes. 

“...Wait, let’s do it again.” 

Leraje was conscious of the gazes of the thousands of demons in the great hall as she politely requested it. At the same time, she concealed her arms using her wide sleeves. Transparent mucus oozed over the pale pink skin. The sticky mucus covered and erased the wounds. 

Grid caught a glimpse of Leraje’s healing ability through the gaps in her fluttering sleeves and grasped the truth. 

‘This is the reason why the power of the sword dance is halved.’ 

The wavelength created by the first part of Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Grid hadn’t been flustered when the mental image of Kill didn’t have any effect on Leraje. The 10th great demon, Leraje—it was normal for the 10th ranked great demon to have a good body. 

It wasn’t strange if she was several times stronger than Hell Gao, who lost his body, was weakened and came to the human world. It wasn’t surprising that she exerted a mental...

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