Chapter 1380 (Teaser)





Jishuka’s condition had been strange since two days ago. She was like a mesmerized person. She couldn’t focus on anything and just stared at the air. Her symptoms didn’t improve even in the middle of the hunting ground. 

“Hey, Jishuka! Are your ears blocked?” 

“What a surprise! Speak more softly!” 


Vantner fended off the stone thrown by Jishuka only to scream. It was because Jishuka’s knee attack caught him in the side. He staggered, raised his head again to blow away the monster’s head, and asked Jishuka, “What is going on with you these days? Why haven’t you been able to focus? It isn’t easy for people to give you a bus ride. Do you want to forcibly get off?” 

“I hunt more mobs than you, but I am catching a bus?” 

“You are a damage dealer and I’m a tanker. The speed at which you hunt mobs is bound to be faster.” 

“So this is a team project. What type of bus is it?” 


Vantner had no words to refute it. The one who claimed he was a bus driver wondered if this was actually a bus. Jishuka changed to the Bow Saint and showed strong attack power despite her lowered level. In particular, if she used the Red Phoenix Bow, then she overpowered damage dealers who were over 100 levels higher than her. He couldn’t help thinking about G...

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