Chapter 1379 (Teaser)

Grid recorded the entire encounter with the yangban, Mir, from the moment of their meeting up to the point of his own death. 

“This is real and isn’t fake?” 

At Shin Youngwoo’s house... 

The smile disappeared from the face of Jishuka, who arrived just in time to see Youngwoo log out. The shock she received was so great that Jishuka, who bought a roasted sweet potato and came to play, put the sweet potato she was trying to feed to Youngwoo into his nose instead. 

It wasn’t enough to operate large-scale field magic (Earth God) and a unique barrier (Storm of the Fire God) at the same time. He could carry out high speed movements without any advance action (Lightning God) and shoot lightning from the sword... 

The fighting power of the yangban, Mir, was more overwhelming than any other enemy Jishuka had ever encountered. 

“Isn’t it pointless to analyze the patterns? Using field magic to destroy formations, moving at a speed that can’t be followed with the naked eye, while applying a large-area debuff and a unique barrier... how can we kill such an attacker?” 

What means could they use to surpass such a ridiculous monster? It was impossible. At the current time, he was completely invincible. Jishuka was complaining only to suddenly shut her mouth. It was because Youngwoo (Grid) popped into her mind as she listed Mir’s...

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