Chapter 1377 (Teaser)

Before meeting the gourmet dragon Raiders, Grid had tried to contact Zikfrector. It was to ask him to become a messenger. It was judged that there would be a positive response as long as his task was consistent with Zikfrector’s ultimate goal. Unfortunately, Grid couldn’t ask Zikfrector. It was said that Zikfrector fell into a deep sleep right after visiting the Hwan Kingdom. 

-I think the guys from the Hwan Kingdom played some tricks. 

Zibal, the only player and liaison in Zikfrector’s entourage, doubted the gods of the East Continent. 

-They tried to persuade Lord Grandmaster to join forces and were rejected, so there is enough animosity. Isn’t it said that the Curse of Sloth originated from the original sin? It is possible for the people of the Hwan Kingdom, especially Hanul, to intervene and deepen the curse. 

It was a convincing enough interpretation. Grid felt sympathetic as well as intrigued by the change in Zibal. Originally, Zibal omitted any honorifics in regards to Zikfrector. He just referred to him as the grandmaster, but now there was...

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