Chapter 1376 (Teaser)

Keuk, why is there a sandstorm right now...?” 

“Ignore it and chase him. We can’t miss him after finally finding him.” 

“Today we will definitely kill him.” 

The dark blue dopos fluttered lightly. A fierce sandstorm was blowing over the yangbans in the desert, obscuring their view, but their running became faster. It was difficult to stop a yangban even if the natural world took hold of everything. 

‘Did he think he could get rid of us with just this?’ 

The yangban, Yeum—the right arm of Mir, who was chosen to be the guardian of the Blue Dragon Dao and was staying in Kaya. In fact, she thought this task was easy. She determined that even the rumored Grid wouldn’t dare to invade Kaya when Mir was guarding the Blue Dragon Dao. During her time in Kaya, she planned to study with Mir and focus on training. 

Then half a year ago, a human other than Grid hid in Kaya—Sword Saint Kraugel. At first, he moved stealthily. He seemed to be looking for the secret technique of the former Sword Saint, Muller. Yet at some point, he started to move boldly and started to kill the yangbans. 

The number of yangbans killed by him was three. Although they hadn’t yet taken off their gats and weren’t qualified to receive the humans’ faith, they were still great beings with half the blood of a god flowing through them. Yet they were killed by a mere human. 

Yeum had no intention of forgiving...

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