Chapter 1374 (Teaser)

The moon night iron—Grid’s reward was small in size compared to the outstanding achievement. To be honest, if he knew from the beginning that fusion between the moon night iron and Greed (insane dragon iron) was impossible, then he would’ve asked to receive at least three moon night irons. However, the deal was already over. It was too late. He would be rejected even if he asked for it. 

‘Unfortunately, it can’t be helped.’ 

He tried to soothe his heart, but it hurt. One lump of moon night iron weighed 800 grams. Once smelted, it would be reduced to 600 grams. Grid’s favorite type of weapon was a longsword, but it would be hard to make a longsword out of 600 grams of metal. The volume and center of gravity of the sword would be disappointing. In other words, it couldn’t be a luxurious product. 

‘I also have to ask Braham to forge it separately.’

Since fusion of the moon night iron and Greed was impossible, the magic forging had to be done on the moon night iron separately. This would take away a large amount of Braham’s time. He couldn’t...

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