Chapter 1371 (Teaser)

The people of the Overgeared Kingdom hadn’t witnessed the process of Grid becoming a god, but they didn’t criticize Grid.  

The people’s faith in Grid was more solid than the faith they poured toward Goddess Rebecca. 

They didn’t fully trust the propaganda trying to expose the reality of the gods, but they tried to understand and respect Grid’s choice in demolishing the statues and temples of Rebecca. The reality of the angel (Sariel) who only existed in the myths empowered their efforts. 

The response from the players was much more positive. Players had long been seeing the possibility of myth rated items and classes. They weren’t puzzled or suspicious when they heard that Grid became a god. There was no envy and no jealousy. If someone was to get the title of the first myth then it would surely be Grid. Yes, the world hadn’t changed. Even Irene tried to accept the sudden change of being called ‘wife of a god.’ 

‘However, things are actually changing.’ 

Grid frowned when he received news of the visit from the Judar envoys. It wasn’t the church’s own judgment. They came due to a revelation and this raised great alarm in Grid. 


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