Chapter 1370 (Teaser)

News spread through Reinhardt that Grid was touring restaurants with a guest. How great was the guest that the king would personally guide him? People were curious about the identity of the guest, but there was no way to find out. Most of the so-called officials seemed unaware of the guest’s identity. 

“What? He’s gone?” 

News of the guest’s visit also flowed to Idan’s ear. Idan naturally prepared some dishes. It was the duty of the palace chef—not the official title, but Idan himself thought so—to serve the king’s guest. 

“I prepared as many dishes as possible. Why?” 

However, the guest left. It was absurd news for Idan. 

“Hasn’t he been looking at restaurants all day? Isn’t he a guest who came to experience the unique food culture of the Overgeared Kingdom?” 

“That seems to be the case.” 

“Then why did he leave without eating my dishes?” 

“...Maybe something suddenly happened and he was busy.” 

Idan’s kitchen was called a ‘training center’ among the people. Soldiers and knights visited Idan’s kitchen to carry out the order of ‘raising their poison resistance.’ No one came to eat, but Idan didn’t know reality. He once turned away from the public’s appetite due to his strong artistic temperament, but hadn’t he compromised with the world these days? Idan started actively using the magic powder called salt and believed his cooking...

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