Chapter 1369 (Teaser)

“This is the last place?’ 


The impression of being happy ended with the second time. From the 41st restaurant onwards, Raiders would often put down his cutlery without saying anything. The remaining 66 restaurants didn’t have any big defects compared to the previous 40 restaurants. As far as he could tell, every restaurant served delicious dishes, but Raiders’ standards were higher than Grid’s. He had existed for tens of thousands of years and had been pursuing delicious food during this time so he was naturally more picky than Grid. 

‘Now I know how hard it is to satisfy Raiders’ taste buds 20 times in a row.’ 

It was a miracle that he felt happy even once. Grid realized this and was soothing his regret when Raiders spoke to him, “I really enjoyed it, these four days. A short moment in time feels unusually shorter.” 

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” 

From Grid’s point of view, these four days had been extremely long. It was too much pressure mentally to go around with an uncontrollable dragon. It felt like he had been walking on a thorny path for four days. He felt a sense of liberation now that it...

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