Chapter 1368 (Teaser)


It could be said that Grid’s ability was great and he had many things he could do on his own, but this matter was an exception. It was purely thanks to the help of his colleagues that he found 106 restaurants delicious enough to possibly satisfy the demanding taste of Gourmet Dragon Raiders in just two weeks. 

‘As expected, having a network is the best.’ 

It was an unchanging truth that he had realized since he met Khan. Grid raised his left hand as he once again felt gratitude to his colleagues who always helped him. There was a loud bursting sound. Grid pulled out the gauntlet inserted in the monster’s mouth and buried the monster directly into the ground. 

The eyes of the monster rolled round and round as it fell in a stunned manner to the ground. It was Turning the World Upside Down. Even elite monsters over level 400 couldn’t resist the grappling technique polished by Lee Jeong. The Enlightenment Sword neatly cut the neck of the monster who became defenseless and lost its defense. 

‘Once the level of the stone statue rises, I’ll make new gloves.’ Alex's Quick Gloves had excellent effects, but the defense was too low.  

‘By the way, there are monsters in front of a restaurant...’ Grid clicked his tongue as...

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