Chapter 1366 (Teaser)

[There is a rumor that the procession to your stone statue is endless!] 

[The Stone Statue of Overgeared God Grid has achieved level 5.] 

On the day a new god was born, the statue of Hero King Grid in the Behen Archipelago’s Hall of Fame was promoted to the statue of Overgeared God Grid. The level of the stone statue might’ve been reset, but the effects of the buffs that Grid would get when the worship reached the maximum value was rather diverse. 

[Over the next month, your dexterity stat will rise by 10% and the probability of making a high rated item will slightly increase.] 

[Over the next month, your strength, stamina, intelligence, and agility stats will increase by 5% each. The casting speed and power of sword dance-type attack skills and the casting speed and cooldown time reduction of magic will increase slightly.]  

The Hero King’s stone statue only increased the dexterity stat, the odds of making a higher rated item, and the casting speed of the sword dances. Meanwhile, the Overgeared God’s stone statue increased these things as well as all combat-related stats and the power of the sword dances and magic. The increase was still low, but...

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