Chapter 1366

[There is a rumor that the procession to your stone statue is endless!] 

[The Stone Statue of Overgeared God Grid has achieved level 5.] 

On the day a new god was born, the statue of Hero King Grid in the Behen Archipelago’s Hall of Fame was promoted to the statue of Overgeared God Grid. The level of the stone statue might’ve been reset, but the effects of the buffs that Grid would get when the worship reached the maximum value was rather diverse. 

[Over the next month, your dexterity stat will rise by 10% and the probability of making a high rated item will slightly increase.] 

[Over the next month, your strength, stamina, intelligence, and agility stats will increase by 5% each. The casting speed and power of sword dance-type attack skills and the casting speed and cooldown time reduction of magic will increase slightly.]  

The Hero King’s stone statue only increased the dexterity stat, the odds of making a higher rated item, and the casting speed of the sword dances. Meanwhile, the Overgeared God’s stone statue increased these things as well as all combat-related stats and the power of the sword dances and magic. The increase was still low, but it was clear that the new stone statue would exert a much stronger effect once it reached the level of the previous statue. 

‘Good. My dexterity is lower so I should refrain from making good items for the time being. 

The original statue of the Hero King was level 15 i.e. max level. The buff for the Hero King’s statue increased his dexterity by 30% while the buff of the level 5 Overgeared God statue only increased his dexterity by 10%. However, people could now easily access the stone statue (or bronze statue) of Grid. It was the aftermath of the Overgeared God’s temples being established all over the Overgeared Kingdom. 

A bronze statue of the Overgeared God was raised in each temple, so it was possible for people to worship Grid without going to the Behen Archipelago. The level of the statues would rise rapidly (all bronze and stone statues shared the same level). Of course, the promotion of Yura and Jishuka was also a big help. Since the two beauties and the world’s greatest players started promoting the Overgeared God Church in interviews and on social media, the procession of people visiting the Overgeared God’s temples never ended. 

‘It is okay to assume that the statue buffs can be maintained almost all the time as long as the Overgeared God Church doesn’t fall.’ 

There was no need to consider what type of god he was. 

Since the buff effect raised combat-related status and the power of magic along with the production of items, he could be considered a versatile god of combat. It reflected the characteristics of the classes he currently had. 

“By the way...” 

At a border city in the Murray Kingdom... 

Grid stood in front of an inn with an old signboard that said ‘Hillgram’ and trembled. Gourmet Dragon Raiders—would a dragon who existed since the beginning really stay in such a small, shabby inn? Sticks bid farewell to Grid who was seriously wondering if the information was wrong. 

“Then I’ll be going.” 

His tone and expression were stiff. He was nervous and his gaze toward Grid even contained some resentment. The gourmet dragon was the incarnation of madness who chewed on the roots of the world tree because he was curious about the taste. From Sticks’ perspective, the gourmet dragon was the enemy of his mother before he was feared for giving Sticks an incurable disease. 

He didn’t like Grid’s attitude of trying to build a relationship with the gourmet dragon no matter the reason. It was an important task so he tried to understand Grid one hundred times. Eventually, he accepted it. It was just questionable if Sticks had to be the one to bring Grid here. 

‘He probably doesn’t like that us elves worship Goddess Rebecca as the only god.’

This was why he bothered Sticks on purpose. Sticks barely swallowed down the words ‘I believe in you and I’m trying to change my faith’ and turned around with a bitter smile. Then Grid spoke to him, “Don’t misunderstand. The reason I asked you to take me here instead of Braham is because I want to be honest.” 


“I usually tell you wherever and whenever I go. If I leave quietly when I’m going to meet the gourmet dragon... you might get the misunderstanding that I want to stab you in the back. I just didn’t want a meaningless misunderstanding.” 


“I haven’t forgotten that the gourmet dragon is your enemy. I’m not thinking of getting along with the gourmet dragon while turning my back on your loyalty. This meeting is simply business. Please know this.” 

“...I understand.” 

“Then I’ll see you in a few days.” 

“I hope you are safe.” 

Sticks’ expression relaxed and Grid’s heart became lighter as he opened the door of the inn. 



His honest talk with Sticks helped a lot in easing the tension in Grid. Grid was no longer crushed by the name ‘Gourmet Dragon Raiders.’ He was reminded that the gourmet dragon was just a tool for completing the quest and entered the inn. 

“Welcome,” the middle-aged innkeeper greeted Grid. It wasn’t a very kind attitude. He had a cigarette in his mouth as he watched Grid and asked bluntly, “Are you a noble? There is no way such a person would come look for a room in this shabby place. Why have you come?” 

“I am looking for someone. I think they’ve started staying here since four days ago.” 

“...You are a noble.” 

The innkeeper quietly put out the cigarette. His attitude suddenly became polite and he guided Grid to the innermost room on the second floor. “Raiders, the one you have been waiting for has come.” 


Why was a dragon staying in such a shabby inn? It was the moment when the reason was revealed. The innkeeper knew the identity of Raiders. A human being in contact with a dragon... 

Was this middle-aged, seemingly ordinary man actually a named one? The door of the room opened by itself while Grid was feeling surprised. The sight seen through the open door was completely different from Grid’s expectations. The room inside the old, small inn was unbelievably large and gorgeous. It was reminiscent of the palace where the emperor stayed.


Grid entered the room with a fascinated expression only to stiffen like a statue. 

A long table filled with delicacies. One man was sitting alone in front of it and eating. The movement of the fork and knife was a classic. The classical music that spread out in the background from the moment he entered the room seemed to enhance the dignity of the man. 

Grid was overwhelmed. The man’s magic power—Grid felt a huge pressure and couldn’t move due to the magic power coming from the man with purple hair down to his waist.  

The man who was still sitting with his back to the breathless Grid spoke after chewing the meat in his mouth, “Hilgram’s food has never changed over the past one thousand years. It is the result of my great effort to preserve the taste that I praised.” 


The eyes on Grid’s blue-tinged face shook. 

Dragon Words—every single word spoken by the man contained a great power that exerted force on the world. This force was as high as the man’s magic power and crushed Grid. 

“When I wake up every 100 years, the first thing that comes to mind is Hilgram’s food. For me, Hilgram is one of the few or perhaps the only thing I miss.” 

The man put down the knife and fork and wiped his mouth with a napkin. He took a sip of the glass filled with bubbly wine and murmured, “However, a day came when I couldn’t empty the bowls. I savored the taste of the first sip of wine but after a few more sips, I became bored. I miss the taste but I am tired of it because I know the taste.” 

The man pushed the chair back and slowly rose from his seat. Raiders—was it because he polymorphed into a human? His name that should shine brightly was white like the names of ordinary NPCs. 

“I want to thank you. I didn’t make a mistake because you came to introduce me to a new delicacy while I was getting bored.” 

Gasp... Gasp...” 

The moment that Raiders thanked him, the pressure crushing Grid disappeared like it was a lie. Goosebumps covered Grid’s skin as he took short breaths and thought about the ‘mistake’ that Raiders almost made. Then Raider’s explanation continued, “Just a little while ago, I was thinking about destroying this little inn and wiping out Hilgram’s blood relatives. If I did, I would have regretted it a hundred years later.” 


A family that had served him for a thousand years—he wanted to destroy the family who preserved his favorite taste in order to serve him, just because he was tired of the taste? Grid thought it was absurd and ridiculous. He seemed to see Raiders chewing on the roots of the world tree in front of the elves and instantly felt great anger. 

However, he couldn’t show it and just smiled. It was the groveling smile that he used to always wear in the past. His pledge not to be overwhelmed by the name ‘Gourmet Dragon Raiders’ disappeared the moment he witnessed the reality of Raiders. The infinite power and destructive nature of a dragon far exceeded Grid’s imagination and Grid fell into fear. 


Grid had many ways to defend himself. 

Dragons were different from great demons. Friendship might not be possible but they weren’t clear enemies. It would be good for the future to deal with them with a smiling face, even if it was somewhat servile. The purpose of the Tower of Wisdom wasn’t to harm the dragons but to satisfy their desires and prevent them from going on a rampage. Even Dragon Slayer Hayate and the tower members were afraid to have dragons as enemies. Yes, it wasn’t because his nature was cowardly that he was smiling like this. It was a realistic judgment. 

Grid was able to make enough excuses in this way. So what was this frustrated heart? He was gritting his teeth and grabbed his chest when Raiders urged him, “I want to get rid of my hunger. I will ask you to guide me without delay.” 

Raiders wore a fancy coat and left the room first. Then the room that was as large and luxurious as the imperial palace became a narrow and shabby space. As Grid stared blankly at the sight, Raiders descended to the first floor and warned the innkeeper, “Your descendant who will meet me in 100 years must keep the taste of your ancestors, but they have to also find new flavors.” 

“I-I will listen...!” The innkeeper realized the meaning of the words and answered strongly. He trembled like a tree as he slammed his forehead against the ground and sobbed. 

The family bound by a curse called Raiders resented the fate of himself and his descendants. 

‘A dragon...’ 

What was the reason why people who met dragons feared and hated them? Why didn’t the arrogant great demons mention dragons as much and why did the gods of the Hwan Kingdom not even consider working with the dragons despite preparing for a war? 

Grid discovered the reason and was convinced. Dragons were originally a species one couldn’t make friends with. It was the result of luck that would never happen again that Nefelina became his messenger that would protect the Overgeared Kingdom and Overgeared God Church. 

‘Let’s try to survive as much as possible during the gourmet cycle.’

Don’t stand out in front of Raiders. There was nothing good about attracting useless aggro. The determined Grid tried to smile brightly. 

“The first destination is the Saharan Empire.” 

The restaurant acknowledged by the empress had the highest probability of satisfying Raider’s taste buds. 

“Let’s go to Titan.” 

“I’m looking forward to it.” Raiders nodded and the two of them were already standing in the middle of Titan.

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