Chapter 1365 (Teaser)

The world had many questions about Yura. She was one of the few legendary class players and the only player active in hell, so it was natural to be full of questions toward her. Right now, Yura was silent regarding all questions. She who had got closer to the public by doing many interviews with the media in the past was currently exhausted. 

“You have been proud of your unchanging beauty for many years. Can I ask you about your secret in maintaining it?” 

There were trivial questions. 

“The retirement time of your grandfather, Lee Jinmyung, has become a political hot topic. Rumor has it that Chairman Lee Jinmyung has selected you as his successor. Once Chairman Lee Jinmyung retires, will you end your career as a player to start a second life as a business person?” 

Sensitive questions about her family. 

“You are often seen dating Youngwoo-ssi. It is known that the relationship between the two of you is recognized by both families. Can we expect news of your marriage?” 

There were only questions about her private life in the interview so it was unpleasant from Yura’s position. After joining the Overgeared Guild, she really didn’t want to do these interviews. 

“It seems the questions related to Satisfy are over so I will finish the interview.” 

Yura endured the...

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