Chapter 1362 (Teaser)

“I heard that even the gods can’t control dragons... will Nefelina accept the position of messenger?” 

A messenger of the gods was literally a messenger. Meanwhile, dragons were the most capable and proudest creatures in the world. The chances of Nefelina becoming Grid’s messenger was very low. In fact, no god had ever made a dragon their own. 

Jishuka was skeptical, but Grid thought differently. ‘Nefelina is different from a normal dragon.’ 

Nefelina’s purpose was revenge. Countless strong enemies were on the child’s path in the future. Unlike other dragons, who believed they were perfect and were satisfied with their innate powers, Nefelina was destined to crave power beyond what she was born with. 

[You can appoint a total of seven messengers.] 

[A messenger of the god inherits the power that symbolizes the god. One additional characteristic will also open depending on the individual’s personality.] 

[Overgeared God Church’s Messenger] 

[You can wear items made by the Overgeared God without any restrictions. Greatly increases the power of the items equipped.]

“Nefelina will consider being my messenger positively. Even if she refuses, I will continue to persuade her.” 

The power inherited by...

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