Chapter 1361 (Teaser)

W-Wow... Overgeared God, Overgeared God Church! It is great just from the name!!” 

“Y-Yes! Really cool! Hahahat!” 


After the Great Robber of the Red Night left, Grid’s ears slightly reddened as he checked the religion system with Damian. The members of the Overgeared Guild finished sorting out the battlefield and gathered to congratulate their leader. Their expression and tone of voice was very embarrassing. Even those who had been in the Overgeared Guild for several years needed time to adapt to the names Overgeared God and Overgeared God Church. The same was true for Grid himself.

“Can you get a religion if you change to a myth? I didn’t know that.” 

“What are the basic passive skills of a myth class?” 

Questions were pouring in. Many of the Overgeared members interpreted that Grid, who became a god, had been promoted to a myth rated class. Maybe most players had accepted it. It was extremely rare for a person to think of the concept of a real god when they saw the world message that Grid had become a god. 

‘It is natural.’

Even in Satisfy, a god was described as an absolute being. It was difficult to connect a player directly...

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