Chapter 1359 (Teaser)

[There was a young woman who fought for her god.] 

[For the young woman, her god was more dignified than anything in the world.] 

[In order to protect the honor of her god, she burned her life in the pure white flames. The young woman believed it was her mission.] 

[She was taught this way, so she had no choice but to believe it.] 

[Because she believed, she suffered a great deal of pain.] 

[Even when she felt her fading life and wept in fear, the young woman didn’t doubt her god.] 

“At least, until I met you.” 

[At least, until she met him.] 

[The young woman finally knew god through the sight of him quenching the white flames.] 

[Liberated from her suffering and filled with an unknown hope, she understood what people called God’s salvation.] 

[He became the young woman’s new god.] 


To save the dying Isabel, he used the Goddess’ Essence and sealed Raphael's Spear. Grid recalled the past while listening to the contents of the epic. He stared at Isabel’s face as she kneeled in front of him. Her healthy complexion was good to see. The poor girl who trembled with intense pain and sorrow no longer existed in the w...

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