Chapter 1358 (Teaser)

[The first death has been delivered to Archangel Raguel.] 

Like great demons, archangels didn’t die easily. Even if they died, they would be resurrected again. The difference was that great demons drifted in their soul state after death, acquiring a new body, and reincarnating. Meanwhile, archangels were immediately resurrected in Heaven. 

It was a glimpse into the personality differences of the gods who made them. Yatan, who created the great demons, was the god of destruction, death, and rest. The reason it took time for the dead great demons to resurrect was due to the teachings of God Yatan to take a rest while looking back on the weight of death. 

On the other hand, Rebecca was the goddess of benevolence. The dead archangels were immediately resurrected so as to not suffer from the pain and solitude of death. It was easy and familiar for her to recreate the body of a dead archangel. 

[This is a player’s ‘first’ achievement!] 

It wasn’t humanity’s first achievement. This was the only way that made sense. Some of the archangels had already...

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