Chapter 1357 (Teaser)

-In the beginning, Rebecca created seven angels to help her. 

The great demon of conflict, Amoract—after giving a revelation to Rose and the Yatan believers to subdue Drasion, she noticed that Rose was quite likeable. She promised to make Rose a demon if this mission was successfully completed and also brought a part of her consciousness along for the journey. Then she told a number of stories. 

-Judar, Dominion, Zeratul, Eruas, Hexetia, Jillen... the gods that exist right now are the result of Rebecca and the seven archangels putting their heads together. 

‘Why did Rebecca make the other gods when she has the masterpiece called the angels?’ 

-in order to maintain her divinity, I think she felt the necessity of presenting humans with existences that would fulfill their aspirations. Angels are just a necessary tool for Rebecca and they are far from the idea that humans want. 

Rebecca is for love and the future, Judar is for wisdom and health, Zeratul for strength, Dominion for victory, Hexetia for technology, and Jillen for peace. 

Many of the gods promised to listen to human wishes in and in return, they have received prayers. However, it is impossible for them to fully satisfy human...

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