Chapter 1354 (Teaser)

Grid, Braham, and Piaro—Drasion was struck by the three of them and fell underground. Then he felt a sense of strangeness. It was because the physical pain of his skin tearing, his bones breaking, and his intestines flipping over was unfamiliar. 

It was very confusing for Drasion who was acting on the instinct of ‘I hate the world, I want to lead the world to ruin.’ Due to this instinct, he had been constantly fighting his self from his former life. Why did he feel like pain was unfamiliar when he should have received countless wounds on this enormous body and even experienced ‘death’? 

“Noble one born from my wishes, may your kindness take care of them.” 

Drasion had some memories. He was smiling in a world of soft and cozy golden clouds, not a river of hot fire. As he bowed his head toward someone he loved and respected, the back of his hand was fine and white without any damage. It was completely different from the now unsightly hands covered in black and thick skin. 

Ugh...! Uwaaack!” 

Blood flowed from the eyes of the screaming Drasion. An unknown sense...

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