Chapter 1353 (Teaser)

The ground started to rot and the size of the bird monsters swelled enormously. They became bigger than humans and every time they moved their beaks, the knights’ shields were pierced. 

“The number of them is small! Stay calm and fight!” 

The knights were busy encouraging the soldiers. They bravely fought against the birds to increase the morale of the soldiers, but it was counterproductive. Then the knights’ shields and armor were pierced with a sharp beak. The flesh of the knights hidden behind the armor was torn off and swallowed. The knights staggered with pain at being eaten. Then the birds’ large feet crushed their chests and they stopped breathing.  


The bloody eyeballs of the bird monsters who slaughtered the knights easily demoralized the soldiers. Unlike Drasion, who had floated in the distant sky, the bird monsters who were at a close distance gave a much more realistic fear to the soldiers.

A bird monster chewing on the muscles of a knight quickly turned his attention to the soldiers. Large and small pus...

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