Chapter 1352 (Teaser)

The Cooperative Skill—it was a hidden piece that occurred when linking skills with people he had a deep bond with. Grid was the first person to uncover this very difficult hidden piece. Once the Cooperative Skill was activated, Grid’s damage increased by a huge 260%. 

Grid, Braham, and Piaro—Drasion was struck down by the three people’s cooperative skills and disappeared from the battlefield. It wasn’t possible to see his form because he was buried deep enough in the ground to suspect the birth of a new Abyss. 

‘...What is this?’ 

He was hit by Braham’s great magic and Piaro’s ultimate technique in a row, but the opponent was the 11th ranked great demon. Drasion must’ve been injured quite a bit, but he would’ve avoided fatal injuries. Grid expected Drasion to immediately rise from the ground and fight back, so he was prepared. 

However, Drasion didn’t reappear. He was quiet under the ground, like a hiding earthworm. 

‘Is he trying to catch me off guard?’

Grid determined that Drasion was aiming for a surprise attack and focused all his senses below him. Grid planned to use Earth God...

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