Chapter 1351 (Teaser)


Movements that went beyond freely and actively using his muscles, and joints that twisted bizarrely—Lee Jeong was in a state of no breathing and wielding his limbs like a whip when he was startled and his breathing disturbed. He was flustered when he felt the ‘energy’ of 11th Great Demon Drasion weakening when he thought Drasion would easily wipe out the humans. 

‘These people?’ 

The reason Lee Jeong blindfolded his eyes was to awaken and train his senses. He immediately found the cause of Drasion’s weakening. Out of the tens of thousands of humans gathered on the battlefield, he sensed that four people with strong energy were surrounding Drasion. They were so powerful that it was understandable for them to overwhelm Drasion temporarily.

‘Two of them are familiar...’ 

Lee Jeong recalled the humans he met at the Ruins of the Martial God—Overgeared King Grid and Mercedes. Additionally, a guy called Asmophel had joined them and Lee Jeong had been forced to release the restraints on his hands. Now he wondered if he would have to take off his blindfold to win against them. They were...

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