Chapter 1349 (Teaser)

Was there any chance to survive if an ordinary soldier was Drasion’s target? Of course not. The chances of the soldiers surviving was low even if Drasion didn’t care about them. It was just like a mouse being stepped on and crushed by a bull. Drasion’s unknowing behavior was likely to cruelly kill the soldiers. 

Grid, the Overgeared members, Empress Basara, the ministers of the empire, and even the soldiers knew it. The reason why the soldiers of the empire participated in the battle against Drasion was because they had a firm will.It was a will to protect their homeland. The reason Basara accepted their will to participate was because she needed their strength.


It was the moment a deeper shadow was cast at the entrance of the Abyss and the ground started to shake. Tens of thousands of arrows were fired the moment the commanders shouted. Sharp arrows filled the red sky above the huge entrance of the Abyss. It was a spectacular show that fully demonstrated the strength of the empire. 

The thousands of arrows struck the giant body of Drasion that was just revealed. However, all the arrows bounced back without even scratching Drasion’s skin. The soldiers didn’t despair...

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