Chapter 1348 (Teaser)

Golden clouds flowed in the colorful sky. It was a beautiful landscape that made people excited. Drasion quietly opened his eyes and wiped his cheeks with the back of his hand. The liquid that flowed down the rough, hard skin was clearly tears. 


Drasion’s eyes shook. The world he saw in his dreams was a place of darkness everywhere and it made him feel empty and afraid. A strange but nostalgic voice echoed in his confused mind—“I don’t want to face your ugly eyes stained with the light of passion anymore.” 

Uh... uuuuuh...”  

He had regained his memories, so why did he miss the scenery and voice that couldn’t be found in his memories. Why was his heart so cold and pained? What was this terrible solitude? Drasion held his head in agony and recalled a human he met during his days as Biplonz. 

“You were born in a strange place after your previous life.” 

The white-haired human who seemed to know his previous life—the eyes of the person who looked at him contained both ridicule and sympathy. 

‘Is he talking about the me in the past, or who I am now?’ 

An absurd question came to mind and made Drasion feel ferocious. The turmoil...

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