Chapter 1344 (Teaser)

[Amoract, the great demon of conflict, is waiting for you somewhere in hell.] 

This was the message that appeared when Yura saw Baal. The great demon who approached Yura during the days when Yura was Yatan’s Servant—she seemed to be in a conflicting and competitive relationship with Baal since a long time ago. It was one of Yura’s hopes. Yura knew she had to meet Amoract. She started searching through all the hells to find Amoract. 

‘Of course, Amoract’s tendencies won’t be different from Baal.’ 

Yura estimated that Amoract’s ranking was between 5th and 2nd. The information of the top ranking great demons were almost unknown, except for Baal and Beriache, but based on various circumstances, Amoract was likely to be second. The higher the ranking, the darker the evil, and Amoract was clearly wicked and similar to Baal. 

However, Yura thought she could use Amoract to catch Baal. It was impossible to stop Baal without the help of an absolute being. It was because hell would be eternal unless Baal was defeated. 

‘Additionally, Amoract should know the weaknesses...

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