Chapter 1343 (Teaser)

Who dared to predict that the time would come when a player fought alone against a great demon? Humanity had been in danger of destruction from just the 32nd great demon. They never imagined that such a day would come. However, at this moment... 


Grid’s flaming sword pierced Botis’ heart. 

『 The empire’s dukes and army helped, but it was only a small help. Grid was already on the verge of winning before reinforcements arrived. 』

『 In fact, Grid alone...! A player defeated a great demon alone! 』


Joy, thrill, and hope—with Botis’ death, the shouts of people filled with all types of emotions filled the capital where the clear sky had been restored after the poison was removed. Grid’s appearance as he wiped the blood off his face and gasped roughly was reminiscent of a ferocious beast, but in people’s eyes, he was a hero and idol. 

“Grid, can we get an interview? The part that is currently a hot topic on the Internet is the reason why the great demon was stunned. Please say something about this...”

“Brother Grid! Can I get your signature?!” 

A terrifying crowd swarmed. The players who...

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