Chapter 1341 (Teaser)


Dulandal was overwhelmed by Grid’s overbearing pressure and barely managed to breathe after collapsing.


The Saharan lineage was special and Dulandal was born with red energy from birth. He might be lacking compared to the other imperial princes, but he was beyond an ordinary person in terms of ability. It was unthinkable that he would be scared and restricted by someone when he had the strength of red energy. 

‘Someone with a poor pedigree overwhelmed me?’ 

Dulandal had heard of Grid’s reputation over the years, but he had never acknowledged Grid’s ability. Grid’s achievements were so great that it was too much to say they were achieved with personal skills. Prince Dulandal noted that there were many helpers beside Grid and thought he was a cunning person who used people with his silver tongue. 

He judged that Grid’s accomplishments were possible due to the sacrifices of those who were exploited by him. From the beginning, he was a commoner who became king. He was a traitor who betrayed the royal family he served and...

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