Chapter 1337 (Teaser)

‘Wow, look at this guy.’ 

There had been no communication with Elfin Stone for a year. He always refused the summoning and wouldn’t even communicate. Grid had suspected a system failure. Later, he felt he might’ve been mistaken for Braham, and tried to understand why Elfin Stone ignored him. But now... 

-Lord Grid! Grid! Didn’t I say I would swear loyalty? Stop that crazy demon’s work. 


Elfin Stone had never misunderstood Grid’s identity. He knew precisely who Grid was and kept ignoring him. 

‘Disgraceful guy.’ 

As his annoyance soared, the frowning Grid asked Betty, “I am the Blood King. All the vampires, except for Marie Rose, must obey me, so why could Elfin Stone ignore me?” 

“You’re basically misunderstanding. The direct descendants obey you not because of coercion. It is through their own will.” 


“Look back. Weren’t there direct descendants who followed you before you became the Blood King? Especially if they are children who died in your hands.” 


Certainly, it was true. Tiramet had obeyed Grid even before Grid became the Blood King. He just wasn’t as polite as he was now. 

“Isn’t it because their...

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