Chapter 1336

Biban, the 9th seat of the Tower of Wisdom—it wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was Muller’s teacher, and the founder of the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship. He encountered Grid after a long time. He stared at Grid before shaking his head and dropping the rag. 

“Didn’t you gain enlightenment when you visited the tower the other time?” 

Enlightenment—he got the infinite sword energy and became stronger. For Grid, who had visited numerous places and met countless people so far, the Tower of Wisdom and the tower members were extraordinary. 

“That’s right.” 

“Then why... I don’t think you’ve grown much.” 

Grid was stung. He noticed that the growth Biban mentioned meant his level. Grid’s level had grown rapidly after defeating two great demons in hell and he was currently level 421. He was still the best among players, but it was natural for the tower members to not be satisfied. That’s right. Currently, Biban was disappointed in Grid. 

“I’m ashamed.” It was embarrassing. This was Grid’s honest feeling. He didn’t deny that his level growth rate was ridiculously slow compared to his given environment. 

“...Is it necessary to be ashamed?’ Biban shook his head again with an expression of regret. “Every person has different talents. Your talent is a bit... yes, it is a bit lacking.” 

Just as it changed from Kraugel to Grid, sooner or later, the Pioneer would change again... 

Biban noticed this and vowed not to have too deep an affection for Grid. The Tower of Wisdom was an existence that completely left the world. It was strictly forbidden to meet with anyone other than the Pioneer. He didn’t want to miss Grid after they parted forever. 

“What brings you here today?” 

“I was wondering if there are any tower members who are familiar with vampires...” 

“Vampires? Why are you bringing up vampires suddenly?” 

There was no need for long words. Grid showed him Elfin Stone’s Ring and Biban understood the situation. “Having tasted enough blood, the sealed soul woke up from his sleep. Even so, he isn’t responding to your call?” 


“Tsk tsk. Mosquitoes have been impolite since ancient times.” 

As expected, Biban had lived for hundreds of years and had a relationship with vampires. Who was the vampire that Biban met? Grid looked excited as Biban pointed to Grid’s cloak. “That guy who is sleeping with that cloak as a blanket.” 

Ah, Fenrir...”

 “Was it the eldest or third child of Beriache? He isn’t a big deal, but he always had his nose in the air. He would’ve died in my hands if vampires weren’t hostile to great demons.” 

Indeed. At first glance. Biban was truly a tower member who just seemed to act thoughtlessly. While fighting dragons, he indirectly kept great demons in check in order to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘protecting the world.’ 

“I struggled with my colleagues to defeat Fenrir, but he was an easy opponent for Biban.” 

Grid looked at Biban with respect and the proud Biban laughed. “There is nothing my sword can’t cut.” 

There is nothing I can’t cut. 

It was a typical depiction of a Sword Saint. Grid felt curious. “Can a Sword Saint’s sword cut a god or a dragon?” 

Cutting a god or a dragon. Depending on the achievement, the transcendent person would change to a God Killer or a Dragon Slayer. It was also a testament to the limitations of transcendence—a transcendent could either cut a god or a dragon, but not both. It must be that way in the system. Then what about a Sword Saint? 

Biban replied, “Of course I can cut both.” 


It was a moment that proved the value of the strongest combat class, Sword Saint. Biban spoke bitterly to the thrilled Grid, “However, cutting and ‘killing’ is only possible if there is a Sword Saint who goes beyond Muller.” 

Biban confirmed it. The Matchless Heart Swordsmanship was the strongest swordsmanship in history. The evidence was that Muller, a genius among geniuses, had inherited it. However, Biban could cut a dragon, but not kill it. Among the tower members, the only one who could kill a dragon was Hayate. Cutting and killing were separate issues. 

“If there is a person who makes a swordsmanship superior to the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship, and they become a Sword Saint... they can destroy even gods and dragons.” 

However, could such a person exist? Biban never imagined that a ‘Sword Saint who goes beyond Muller’ would appear. On the other hand, Grid found it easy to think of someone. “Kraugel.” 


“Biban, the person you are speaking about is Kraugel.” 


Not at all? What could that child do when he lost the title of Pioneer and failed to make any clear achievements in the years after becoming a Sword Saint? Biban was about to deny it when he abruptly shut his mouth. The Matchless Heart Swordsmanship, which Muller had taken to the next level—he was reminded of Kraugel, who refused to inherit Muller’s Matchless Heart Swordsmanship. 

‘Don’t tell me?’ 

Biban remembered Kraugel when he was the Pioneer. The owner of a talent where hardly any regrettable areas were found. Could he disparage a person like Kraugel just because his actions after becoming a Sword Saint weren’t great? 


An eerie chill went down Biban’s spine as he realized it. 

‘Even I have surpassed Pagma. If it is Kraugel, then he will definitely go beyond Muller.’ 

Grid was confident. He recalled Kraugel who never used the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship, and got goosebumps. 

‘Kraugel knew from the beginning how to go beyond Muller.’

He could only say that this was truly Kraugel. Grid’s heart thumped as he was reminded of the National Competition for the first time in ages. The National Competition—it was a competition that no longer interested Grid. 

It was just a boring stage where he was confident he could win first place in all events he participated in. He didn’t want to waste his time participating when the members of the Overgeared Guild would take care of him and give him the breaths they gained as a reward from the competition. 

It was just that the story would be different if he could fight Kraugel again. How far could he fight against a strong person equal to him? He was curious. He wanted to make sure. 

-Will Kraugel participate in this year’s National Competition? 

Grid asked the question in the guild chat and the members answered him. 

-He isn’t on the list of participants. 

-It is said the United States is troubled because of this. 


Grid’s face was filled with joy. 

‘Is Kraugel also bored with the competition?’ 

At the same time, at the East Continent...


Kraugel was searching the Kaya Mountains when he suddenly stopped and looked back. Even today, he felt the yangbans’ eyes on him and felt uncomfortable. 


Grid and Biban walked side by side down the corridor. Their destination was the room of the 4th seat, Betty. Biban assured him that Betty could help, but Grid was somewhat reluctant. 

‘She seems to hate me.’ 

When he visited the Tower of Wisdom a few months ago, Betty, unlike the other tower members, didn’t express any interest or fondness for Grid. For her greeting, she just gave her name and slammed the door on Grid. The 7th seat, Abellio, asked for understanding because she was shy, but... what was there to be shy about when she was hundreds of years old? Just look at Biban next to him who was shameless. 

‘I’m a bit nervous.’

He felt very awkward. It was doubtful if she would cooperate or do it properly. Grid was gulping when the two of them arrived at Betty’s door. 

Biban knocked on the door. It was more like he was beating the door instead of knocking. “Hey, you old hag! A guest has come!” 


The door opened slightly. Betty’s eyes were still very large as she stuck her head out slightly through the gap in the door. It gave people a feeling of loneliness, but her eyes were beautiful because they were round and dark. Just based on appearance, she was well-matched with Lord. He really wanted a daughter-in-law like her. 

“What brings you here?” Betty stared at Grid, who was bowing deeply in greeting, and immediately inquired about what was going on. 

Biban responded in the place of Grid, who was smiling awkwardly, “Can’t you hear the vampire soul speaking?” 

Betty’s gaze shifted to Grid’s hand. “You mean that child?” 

Surprisingly, Betty noticed Elfin Stone’s Ring instantly. She seemed to have noticed it since she first saw Grid. 

“T-That’s right.” 

On the first day they met, Betty only revealed her name, unlike the other tower members who introduced exactly who they were. What exactly was her identity? Why was she so familiar with vampires, and why did she notice Elfin Stone’s Ring immediately? Betty gestured to Grid who was full of expectations and doubts. “Come in.” 


“Biban, you get lost.” 

Huh? Why are you so cold to me?” 

“No reason. You just have no use.” 


Betty closed the door and Biban was left all alone in the corridor, crying. The only thing with him in this spacious tower was a rag, so he was particularly lonely and depressed today. 


“You have become a completely different person from a few months ago. You’ve built up a lot of transcendence.” 

Unlike the dull Biban, Betty instantly noticed the internal changes in Grid. Biban might’ve been disappointed with Grid, but Betty was amazed by Grid’s growth in such a short time.

“Yes, somehow...” 

The room looked very different from Grid’s imagination. He imagined a princess’ room decorated in bright colors, but it was dark and dull. It wasn’t a sweet scent, but the smell of alcohol. Instead of dolls, anatomical specimens were lined up everywhere. The anatomical specimens were of various monsters and demons, not small animals such as birds, amphibians, and reptiles. There were even more than 50 anatomical specimens of bipedal races like humans filling one side of the room. 

It was a rather terrible and chilling sight, even for Grid, who had slaughtered countless monsters. However, it would be rude to express such feelings. Grid discovered that a sphere of magic power was being used for lighting and changed the topic. “It seems you are a magician since you can keep dozens of light magic on at the same time.” 

“That isn’t magic.” 

“?” It was a lot different from the light elemental. 

Betty explained to the confused Grid, “They are souls.” 


Betty’s gaze aimed at the anatomical specimens. “Their souls.” 


The idea of wanting her to be a daughter-in-law shouldn’t even be considered. 

Betty introduced herself to Grid, whose expression had stiffened, “I am the first Baal’s Contractor.” 


Betty took off her loose robe. Her exposed body was very shocking. It was because apart from her neck, head, and lower body, most of her body was a skeleton. It wasn’t just skinniness. She literally only had bones, exactly like a skeleton. “I was a disgusting failure. That is why I am hiding and researching away from Baal’s attention.” 


“I know souls well.” Betty once again got dressed and reached out with her gloved hands. The stiff Grid woke up and handed her Elfin Stone’s Ring. “Direct descendant vampires have the same reincarnation structure as a great demon. It means that even if they lose their body, they can surely be resurrected again someday. He is stubborn because he knows it.” 

The length of Betty’s speech grew when she started talking about her area of expertise. Betty asked the focused Grid. “Do you want complete control over this child?” 


“Do you need this child’s strength to fight Baal someday?” 

Betty knew that Baal was the source of evil. It wasn’t difficult to infer that humanity would go to war with Baal. Therefore, she intended to actively cooperate. She turned to the Tower of Wisdom to avoid Baal’s gaze and was in a position to hope for the emergence of heroes who would destroy Baal on her behalf. 

“That’s right.” 

“I understand. I will break this child’s hope.” 

Betty started to take Elfin Stone’s soul out of the ring. It was more like she was physically pulling it out than magic. The screams of Elfin Stone’s soul shook the room and strained Grid. Betty’s fingers were surrounded by white light as they pointed at Elfin Stone’s soul that finally appeared.

 “I will break this child’s cycle of reincarnation.” 

At this moment...

-Grid! No, Lord Grid! I will be loyal! 

The urgent cry of Elfin Stone who had been stubborn for years echoed through the room.

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