Chapter 1334 (Teaser)

-Thank you. I hope my little knowledge will help my benefactor. 

A skinny body, a hunched back, dark shadowed eyes, and white skin... Mumud’s soul was restored to his former appearance when he was alive and he greeted Euphemina with a smile before disappearing. Euphemina said goodbye. 

[You have absorbed the vast knowledge of the genius magician, Mumud.] 

[You can change to the growth type legendary class, ‘Mumud’s Successor.’] 

[The former class, Duplicator, will disappear. The Duplicator’s class-specific skills will be removed and your stats will be reset.] 

[However, some of the stats and skills obtained from Duplicator class quests won’t be deleted. For more information, please click on the details.] 

[The current second class ‘Ruthless Bomber’ won’t be affected by the first class fluctuations.] 

[Would you like to change your class to Mumud’s Successor?]


Duplicator was a class with many shortcomings and weaknesses. 

In order to duplicate a skill, it was necessary to induce the target...

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