Chapter 1332 (Teaser)

The reason why the Five Miracles won the title of miracle was because they surpassed Morpheus’ predictions. On the other hand, ranking was an intuitive number that rose in proportion to the level, i.e. it was a measure of strength. 


In Kraugel’s era, he had been third in the unified rankings. In Grid’s era, he was either first or second in the unified rankings. From Satisty’s opening to the present day, Chris had never missed the top ranking. Kraugel, who wasn’t interested in others due to his unique excellence, and Grid, who couldn’t distinguish between confidence and arrogance in the past, both acknowledged Chris’ strength. 


The greatest strength stat’ was combined with the ferocity of the second class ‘Tyrant’ and showed great power. 

Every time Chris wielded his sword, the blizzard was split in half and the snow was swept away. Agnus was a bit surprised by Chris’ ability to knock down the skeleton soldiers with simple air pressure. He summoned Lich Mumud and flew into the air. 

“I was wondering why you wanted a fight. Was it because you are so confident in your skills?” 

Agnus laughed at Chris’ growth and tapped his fingers. Then rainbow-colored magic gathered in both of Lich Mumud’s hands. Then at this point, Chris’ eyes shone red-brown. “Control of the Sky.” 


Lich Mumud lost his ability to fly. He was unable to...

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