Chapter 1328 (Teaser)

At the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt... 


Grid woke up at the resurrection point and had a new question. How many times did an average player die in a year? He must’ve died less often than them, right? He just seemed to die a lot compared to his abilities... 

‘It is an unavoidable problem because there are too many people stronger than me.’


Yura rushed to Grid and hugged him as he was checking his dropped items and experience. She was a ranker behind Grid. She chased the path he walked on, and fully realized the weight of Grid’s sacrifice. 

“Because of me... because of me, you...” 

The reason Baal appeared there was because of herself. If she hadn’t overlooked Andras’ pursuit, then Baal would’ve never appeared and Grid wouldn’t have died. Grid read Yura’s trembling back that was crushed by guilt. 

“It isn’t because of you.” 

In Grid’s eyes, there was no reason for Yura to feel guilty. She was chased by Andras because she interrupted Baal’s activity to help Grid. The reason Baal later appeared was because Grid fought and won against Andras. More than anything else... 

“I died to Baal because I am weak.” 

He didn’t have a reason or the qualification to blame Yura. Yura agreed...

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