Chapter 1327 (Teaser)

Pagma—the world remembered that he was a great blacksmith. His immortal works deserved to be praised forever. 

Pagma—sometimes he was accused of being a bad person. He could be called this because he betrayed his only friend in the world and sacrificed many people. 

Pagma—the moment the world faced a crisis, he glimpsed the reality of the gods and was isolated. He didn’t know who to believe in or to rely on. He was already alone. 

Pagma—he eventually signed a contract with a great demon in exchange for his soul. He dug up the graves of heroes. It was the only way to save the world. 

(Uhh... uwoooh...)  

Grid—he inherited Pagma’s skills and gained a new life. Therefore, he felt deep gratitude to Pagma. 

Grid—every time he learned about Pagma’s works, he felt infinite respect for Pagma. 

Grid—he was disappointed with Pagma when he learned about Braham’s murder. 

Grid—he encountered the death knights of the former legends on the Behen Archipelago, and felt disgusted with Pagma. 

-Look, unlike you who relied on me to the end, that guy has crossed the limits by himself. Maybe you could’ve been like that too? Hahat! Kuhahahat! 

(Uwahh... uhhh...)  

Pagma—he fought alone in the Behen Archipelago. He fought days and night against the forces of hell that pushed in like a tsunami before falling down. 

Grid—he gradually understood the feelings of Pagma who fought for...

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