Chapter 1325 (Teaser)

[Name: None 

Species: Hell Succubus 

Level: 415 

Health: 30,000,000 

Mana: 20,000,000 

Strength: 230   Stamina: 890  

Agility: 710     Intelligence: 3,150 

Charm: 5,000 

A race favored by the great demon, Belial. 

Bewitches the target with her beautiful appearance and demonic charm. 

Ordinary humans and monsters can only yield to the charm of the succubi. 

-Skills Possessed- 

Blink (B), Fly (B), Life Drain (A), Bewitchment (A), Sleep (A), Yin Energy, Identify Preferences (S), Dream Infiltration (S), Ingest Vital Force (S) 

★A demonic creature of hell. This individual had no desire to escape from Hell Gao’s domination. Loyalty is maintained at 100%. 


Bewitch up to eight targets and enslave them. 

Bewitched targets will follow the command of the succubus for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of one hour. Orders of self-harm aren’t possible. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 minutes 


Puts the target to sleep for a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 20 seconds, making them unable to move. 

The higher the fatigue of the target, the greater the probability of success. 

Cooldown Time: 5 minutes  

[Yin Energy]


Greatly reduces the resistances of the target. There is a low probability of causing confusion. 

[Identify Preferences] 


The succubus can grasp the preferences of a target and embody it. 

There is a 90% chance of being bewitched...

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