Chapter 1324 (Teaser)

The red cheeks and the deep eyes were full of provocation, the excessively exposed purple skin was lustrous, and the tail attached to the hips was bewitching—the overall atmosphere was very sensual and it was hard to find a place to put his eyes. 

Grid reflexively gulped at the sight of the succubi and then quickly frowned. 

“Oh my, this brother is so handsome~” 

It was a cheap dialogue reminiscent of a scene from a B-grade movie. The sight of the succubi’s squirming bodies gave Grid a great sense of disappointment. 

‘It is a waste of their good faces.’

The succubi were a race that lived with their face and body. They had to seduce humans in order to eat a human’s energy, so they were naturally proud of their beautiful appearance. 

However, their provocative clothes and actions made them look like cheap prostitutes and Grid was troubled. 

‘I don’t think I should take them with me.’ 

The image he had built up would be damaged. 

‘I was voted as the person most respected by Korean elementary, middle, and high school students. If I bring naked women around with me...’


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