Chapter 1315 (Teaser)

Grid toured dozens of departments and was able to find a total of 11 talented people. Even so, Bethell was the only one with great talent. The remaining 10 were just ordinary. They wouldn’t be able to reach the top of their field. Of course, he had no intention of disparaging them. Not everyone could be the best. 

‘It is painful that there isn’t anyone from the magic department, but... it isn’t bad.’ 

Grid felt regret. Then he thought about his current results and was convinced that the harvest was sufficiently large enough. Moreover, the Overgeared Academy wasn’t a prestigious school. Rather than only selecting and enrolling qualified people, they also accepted ordinary people, even those who couldn’t read, and started the education from the basics. 

In the first place, talented people didn’t knock on the doors of the academy. Talented people would go to talented people in the field to become their disciples and receive higher education. It was a remarkable and grateful miracle to find 11 talented people who met Grid’s standards here. 


At the auditorium... 

it was the place that the elemental department usually used for practice and it was where the graduation ceremony today would take place. After arriving there, Grid adjusted the Overgeared King’s...

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