Chapter 1314 (Teaser)

The Overgeared Kingdom was a kingdom established by players. The policies of the Overgeared Kingdom were innovative considering the fact that the existing nations were based on the Middle Ages. One of the biggest topics in the world was the education system in the Overgeared Kingdom. 

It was an equal education system that didn’t discriminate against identity, gender, and talent. It was one step above the empire which claimed that talent didn’t care about the rich or the poor. 

‘I didn’t expect it to have grown this much.’

Grid clicked his tongue as he visited the academy for the first time in ages. The Overgeared Academy’s location was always expanding and it already felt like a city. It could be argued that the Overgeared Academy was larger than any other campus in reality. 

‘I am proud.’

Grid knew how important learning opportunities were. He walked around the campus in a happy manner and his emotions were deep. It was seven years after the establishment of the Overgeared Academy.It was finally the graduation day for the first graduates. He was already looking forward to seeing how many talents would emerge. 

“I would like to welcome Your Majesty.” 

The Overgeared Academy had dozens of departments. There were hundreds of professors alone. There were celebrities that Lauel had worked hard to invite from all over. The reason they were professors of the Overgeared Academy wasn’t because they coveted wealth or power. It was out of respect for the great...

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