Chapter 1313 (Teaser)

The way mana was used was divided into several different techniques. The flow of mana changed according to the technique applied, the magic core responded, and the magic was completed. However, there was fighting energy in all the mana circuits in Grid’s body. It was also as thick as tar. As a result, the flow of mana wasn’t smooth. 

It didn’t mean that the match between fighting energy and mana was bad. It was a side effect that occurred because Grid’s fighting energy was in harmony with sword energy. The opposite would’ve occurred with sword energy if Grid had a harmony between mana and fighting energy. 

‘Someone did this.’ 

Who was the one who changed Grid’s circulation? Braham, the magician, didn’t like it, but he didn’t think of beating up this unknown person. He noticed that Grid’s potential had risen thanks to this. While this person was an enemy to Braham, they were also the one who gave an opportunity to Grid. 

‘I don’t think they are an ordinary master.’ 

Braham found it difficult to guess the identity of the other person...

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