Chapter 1312 (Teaser)

Beriache, the great demon of satiation—she peeked at the rules of the world and condemned Yatan. After being exiled, she gave birth to 10 children. She repeatedly warned her children who had great desires like herself. 

‘Don’t harm your own blood and flesh. If you covet your siblings’ blood then my aspirations will be in vain. This is a warning.’ 

Braham Eshwald was the only child who rebelled against her ultimatum of deep concern. Braham coveted infinite knowledge and tried to overcome the Curse of Sloth. He turned away from the words of his mother, whom he loved and respected. 

This was the cause of Braham’s life being plagued by grief and suffering. 

‘Would I have met you if the Curse of Sloth still controlled me?’ 

It was also the beginning of the miracle that led to the meeting of Braham and Grid. Braham didn’t regret going against his mother’s words. 


The sword dance that declared itself as heaven. As if shouting that he would punish those who doubted and denied him, Grid connected all types of powerful sword dances. Braham’s lips curled up in a happy smile at the sight. 

He was...

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