Chapter 1311 (Teaser)

“There is no access from here on.” 

At the road to Kars, capital of the Cho Kingdom...

He picked a rough mountain road to move, but the defense was thorough. It was clear what it would be like elsewhere. Even a single ant wouldn’t be able to enter Kars.

“I have business in Kars. When will the access restrictions be lifted?” 

“I’m not sure... the capital can’t be blocked forever, so I think it will be released soon.” 

“Can I ask what incident happened? 

“What incident? We are just preparing for an important festival, so we’re temporarily blocking anyone outside from entering.” 

“Is that so? Then keep up the good work.”

The capital was the heart and face of the kingdom. It wasn’t good if it was known that something had happened in the capital, so he understood the position of the Cho Kingdom. 

Kraugel politely bade farewell to the soldiers before secretly using True Clouds. Blue clouds covered the foggy mountains and the soldiers’ five senses were temporarily paralyzed. Kraugel leisurely passed through the blockade. 

“Why are there clouds all of a sudden...?” 

The bewildered soldiers couldn’t imagine that the handsome young man...

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