Chapter 1309 (Teaser)

Lightning Fist was the hallmark of an Asura. It was just a straight punch, but it suppressed the other person’s reaction because it was too fast. Since it was fast, it boasted a high hit rate and power. It was a very suitable skill to use to electrocute the target and make a combo. Yet— 


Nyangmong barely avoided it. 

Phew, it was scary.” 

The defense of the armor made of pairu cloth was broken as the armor was torn. Nyangmong saved his life by avoiding the full power of Lightning Fist with one step and sighed with relief. This entered Halle’s eyes and he declared, “You are really born with good luck.” 

The characteristic of a monster tamer class was brainwashing monsters and using them as the monster tamer’s limbs. His physical ability had to be weak because he invested his stat points in leadership and charm. The only reason Halle could come up with for how Nyangmong managed to avoid Lightning Fist, one of the killing moves of an Asura, was that it was pure luck. 


It was the innate luck born with those who had the devil’s talent. Nyangmong got a hidden class with this talent, so his future was obvious. He would become strong and mighty, and would later become one of the minority who suppressed the majority. 

“You are a plague on games.” 

Dark magic rose like a haze around Halle’s glaring eyes. It was a mixture of lightning and demonic energy. It was the moment when an Asura opened his eyes. He spread out at all angles like lightning. Halle’s hands and feet left an afterglow everywhere they moved and it looked like there were dozens...

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