Chapter 1308 (Teaser)

The rating of someone’s class wasn’t a measure of their strength—this notion held true just a few years ago. There was no formula that someone with a hidden class was stronger than someone with a normal class. Kraugel had a normal class when he overpowered Grid in the 2nd National Competition, and he reigned with a normal class for years.Faker, who wiped out the Ice Flower Guild, also had a normal class. 

Pon, Vantner, Regas, Peak Sword, and Zednos in the Overgeared Guild all had normal classes. Among the top 10 in the unified rankings, the only one with a hidden class was Agnus. 

That’s right—originally, the most important concept in Satisfy was control, not class. Satisfy was the game that people confident in their control hoped for. However, the game had long since changed. Was it because Grid’s items had developed? No, this wasn’t the fundamental problem. 

The reason that the gap between normal and hidden classes was difficult to overcome with control was due the diversity of abnormal statuses skills. Think of the early days of Satisfy—at most, people possessed two or three skills that caused abnormal statuses, and ‘stun’ was the most powerful one. Over time, there was the third class advancement and more hidden classes were obtained. The type and number of skills that caused abnormal statuses...

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