Chapter 1305 (Teaser)

There were wailing walls in every area. It was a field that couldn’t be handled by the average level of players active in that area. Winston’s Chaos Mountains was an example of such a wailing wall. Now... 

“Beautiful, it is beautiful.” 

At the center of the East Continent was a reservoir that surrounded a huge peach tree forest. It was a place that contained the passage to Heaven and didn’t easily allow people to approach, so it was called a wailing wall. It was also the worst one in the East Continent.

‘Should I fight?’ 

The moment Grid left the forest, he encountered an immortal ghost and he rolled up the ends of his skirt. He knew it would be a tough fight, so he eliminated anything that would get in the way of his movements. 

Immortal ghosts—they dreamed of becoming daoist immortals, but failed and fell. They were beings who lost their bodies and lives due to their failure and moved around as spirits. The grandmaster predicted that the reason why they inhabited the reservoir was purely the Five Seniors’ intention. It didn’t matter if they were daoist immortals or immortal ghosts. They were all just servants for the Five Seniors. They were chosen as a type of guard dog. 

“T-The smell of flesh is very good.” 

The reason they failed and became an immortal ghost was due to their ugly natures. Additionally, the spirits were driven by instinct and obsession, not reason. It meant they were all wicked....

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