Chapter 1304 (Teaser)

[Grid’s Sword Dance Lv. 2]

[A sword dance containing the narratives of Overgeared King Grid. The enlightenment gained through the secret technique has made it even more powerful. 

Swordsmanship and magic are united, increasing physical attack power by 60%, magic attack power by 30%, critical hit probability by 70%, and critical hit attack power by 110%. All values will triple when using cooperative skills with a person you have a bond with. 

* This effect is only fully applied when a sword type weapon is equipped. 

* Physical attack power isn’t applied when a staff or orb is equipped. 

* Damage proportional to the willpower stat will be dealt if a weapon isn’t equipped. 

* Can be used without the footwork. However, the power of the sword dance will increase with every step taken. (Each additional stride will increase the damage of the sword dance by 50%, 100%, 200%, and 400%) 

* The number of fusion sword dances that can be created is ten. (7/10) 

* Every time the skill level rises, the number of fusion sword dances that can be created will increase by 5. 

* You can also create a five fusion sword dance. However, the number of five fusion sword dances created is proportional to the level of divinity. 

★ Whenever a sword dance is used, one of Braham’s enhanced spells will be revealed. 

★ The spells that are expressed are limited to basic spells and each sword dance has a different spell. 

★ In the case of a fusion sword dance,...

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