Chapter 1302 (Teaser)

The yangbans—they were born as half-gods and their one and only sole purpose was to become a god. The yangbans numbered in the hundreds, but the number of vacant seats to become a god was only seven. 

Chiyou’s Test was the first process to be qualified to become a god. All of the yangbans’ aspirations depended on Chiyou’s Test. It was just that only one person passed Chiyou’s Test that was held for the first time in decades, and the person who passed it was a human. 

‘I didn’t expect it to turn out like this.’

The yangbans who lost the opportunity to become gods after being defeated by the human they despised were silent. Of course, there wasn’t a single yangban who made a fuss because they were dissatisfied with the results. How could they protest when they stepped down because they knew they couldn’t win? 

‘...I would’ve fought to the end if I hadn’t experienced the test 400 years ago.’ 

The reason why the yangbans withdrew wasn’t because they were cowards. They gave up neatly because they knew it was meaningless to hit the ‘wall that won’t collapse.’ 

Mir—a being who was at the verge of being a god from the moment he was born and the sole person who passed the...

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