Chapter 1301 (Teaser)

The disappearance of the red sword meant that Haejin’s heart had collapsed. She believed that this was a fake world and dreamed of a reversal in the real world. The moment she realized this dream couldn’t be achieved, she fell into despair and lost her will. It was obvious that she would fall into ruin even when she returned to reality. 


The yangbans wearing the gat. [1] 

Chiyou saw from the beginning that the yangbans who were still in the stage of being raised by the Five Seniors and were bound by the rules couldn’t handle this human. The moment he felt the Red Phoenix’s Ninth Heart from the human, he remembered the news of Hangyeol being killed and worked out the puzzle. Yes, the result was decided from the beginning. 

The reason Chiyou held expectations for a while was Haejin’s rapid growth. A powerful will that engraved her own image into the mental world of the Martial God. Haejin must’ve seen a fragment of the Heart Sword. The Heart Sword was one of the clues to become a God Killer. 

However, her Heart Sword was broken before it was even forged. She lacked the skills to handle a human who had already killed a few yangbans. The result wouldn’t...

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